Organic Lawn Care

We offer a variety of Organic Lawncare services to help build beautiful and healthy lawns.  The products we use are derived from plant, animal and mineral sources.  

Organic Lawn Care Program

Our 4 step program uses organic fertilization combined with the power of natural weed treatments.  
We use specially treated corn gluten as a weed pre-emergent.  

Program Schedule

#1  | Weed Pre-Emergent + Fertilizer | March -April
#2 | Organic Fertilizer | May - June
#3 | Weed Pre-Emergent + Fertilizer | August-September
#4 | Organic Composted Fertilizer | Applied October-November

Dandelion Control | 2 options

1.  Hand Pulling: We use hand weeding tools to remove the deep roots of the Dandelion and other broadleaf weeds.  

2. FIESTA | The broadleaf control is an annual spot spray treatment for Dandelions.  The active ingredient is Iron chelate, an all natural ingredient.  The FDA makes no distinction between all natural weed killers and chemical herbicides and we are required to place a pesticide sign with the use of this product.

#1  | Applied April
#2 | Applied May to June
#3 | Applied August to early September


Aeration improves nutrient and water absorption allowing grass to develop deeper roots. Optimal time to aerate is late August into early September, but can be done at any time of the year paired with overseeding.  


Overseeding can be done anytime of the year to help fill bare spots. For healthier lawns we recommend overseeding once during the late summer with a seed slicer.  It is helpful to do this with Aeration.

Soil Building | Organic Leaf Hummus

Healthy soil is the most important part to maintaining a healthy lawn.  We add  ¼ to ½ inch  of screened leaf humus (compost) to build a deep base of organic matter.   This allows for increased water retention, increased nutrients and deeper roots.  The best time to do this is late August / early September with aeration and overseeding, but can be done at anytime of the year.  

Soil Test
A soil test will let us know excately what your lawn needs to ensure healthy growth.  

Cultural Practices
Mow high | 
A longer lawn will help block out new weed growwth and can better  hold moisture during the dry season.  
Mow often | If too much growth is cut from your lawn, it will respond by rapid growth.  This requires increased nutrients, increased water and weakend root systems.  
Sharp blades | We sharpen our mower blades after 8 hours of mow time.  This creates clean cuts on each blade of grass creating less stress and transpiration. 
Water deep and less often | Your lawn requires about an inch of water per week.  Rather than watering everyday it is best to water once or twice a week with deeper waterings. Heavier less frequent watering encourages your lawn to chase water deep in the soil allowing for the development of srong and deep root system.  

        Chemical Dependent Lawn                     Healthy Organic Lawn

       Chemical Dependent Lawn                   Healthy Organic Lawn

Healthy lawns require healthy soil allowing the roots to travel deep into the soil.  


We are using a newly formulated corn gluten as a pre-emergent.  This product is said to be as effective as the chemical counter  part but with no toxicity.    Additionally, you are able to apply new seed with the use of this product.